Wine Tasting with Carousel´s Matt Varona

26th January & 2nd March 2018

Starts at 7.30pm

'The lesser spotted Spaniard'

Carousel's resident wine nut Matt Varona is back with another evening of informative, informal wine tasting. In these monthly sessions, Matt introduces the uninitiated to lesser know biodynamic varieties in a fun and unpretentious way. This time, we join Matt for an intrepid journey into the funky, punky world of Spanish natural wines... Whilst Matt remains a self-confessed lover of the earthy complexities of an aged Rioja, the saltiness of a fino sherry and the thirst quenching properties of cava, this January he'll be sharing his new-found passion for Atlantic wines from Galicia's Ribeira Sacra, volcanic beauties from the Canaries and the light, fresh and citrusy Basque variety, Hondarrabi Zuri (try saying that after a bottle or two).

Be prepared to come away from the evening with a new Spanish favourite (or two... or three... or four).

As always, Matt will select a line-up of five special vinos, which you'll enjoy alongside a variety of tapas from Carousel head chef Ollie Templeton.

*WARNING - this wine tasting experience does NOT contain Tempranillo*


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