Wild Life Drawing
Jennie Webber

2nd November

It’s life drawing but not as you know it. Instead of human life models, creatures great and small come to ‘sit’ for us…or wriggle about, in the case of Jemima the micro pig.

Artist and animal lover, Jennie Webber, will guide you through the ins and outs of sketching animals from life be it wolf-dogs, corn snakes or baby owls. Throughout the session you’ll also hear from experts, learning about the animals’ habitat and distinct characteristics.

gehogs & Hibernating Animals
Saturday 2nd November
11am and 2pm

As Autumn turns to Winter, we turn our focus to those animals that spend the colder months of the year hidden away hibernating. We'll be drawing a whole host of animals from hedgehogs, tortoises, skunks to turtles, snakes and lizards. There’ll be lots to learn, and plenty of animals to fall in love with. 10% from the price of each ticket will be donated to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, who experience their busiest times around this season.

The animals’ welfare is of the highest priority and their handlers always come along too, making sure they’re comfortable throughout the class. Species attending the session are subject to change as only happy and healthy animals are brought along.

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