Wild Life Drawing Christmas Special: Rescue Animals

Monday 3rd December


Jennie Webber will be bringing along a whole host of irresistibly cute rescue animals for a special, festive edition of Wild Life Drawing at Carousel. Many animal rescue shelters receive an influx of animals after the Christmas period as the realities of looking after a furry (or scaley) friend kick in. So in this session we'll be supporting the #adoptdontshop motto by celebrating animals that are often given away and make regular post-Christmas appearances at rescue shelters across the country.

From intensively bred bearded dragons who are often mis-sold in pet shops to misunderstood pets like rabbits and guinea pigs who require a lot more care, attention and space than expected - you’ll get to meet and draw a whole host of creatures. Jennie will be on hand throughout the workshop with tips and tricks on how to bring your drawings to life and, as you get stuck in, you'll learn also learn about the animals themselves, how to care for them and their distinct characteristics.

As always, the animal’s welfare is of highest priority and their handlers always come along too, making sure they’re comfortable and happy throughout the class. Jennie will also be donating10% of the ticket sales towards the South Essex Wildlife Hospital - a wonderful and hardworking sanctuary for both wild and domestic animals.

Join us for a ferret-filled evening of fun.

Wild Life Drawing was founded by Jennie Webber, a London-based artist and animal lover, with the aim of inspiring appreciation and understanding for the natural world through creativity. All levels welcome, from experienced drawers to complete beginners. Tips, tricks and creative guidance will be offered throughout the class and all drawing materials are supplied.

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