Our open kitchen is home to an ever-changing line-up of talented chefs from around the world who share our philosophy on what eating out should be all about: amazing cooking, friendly service, a relaxed environment and a shared experience from one table to the next.

Starting with Ollie in the kitchen - who has the enviable task of curating the line-up - our team works closely with the resident chefs to ensure that no matter who’s cooking, the Carousel personality is always at the heart of the experience.

Advanced bookings mean less food wastage, which is a good thing for us but an even better thing for the planet.

One sitting - doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.


Erik Anderson & Jamie Malone 13th - 24th September 2016

Erik Anderson & Jamie Malone

with Bittercube & Bombay Sapphire 13th - 24th September 2016

Erik Anderson and Jamie Malone are a pretty formidable culinary couple. Their first joint venture, Brut (Minneapolis, MN), is the culmination of years of blood, sweat and tears in some of America's most acclaimed restaurants, from The French Laundry and its three Michelin stars to critically acclaimed The Catbird Seat and Sea Change, where the two first met. Opening soon, Brut will showcase Erik and Jamie's modern approach to French cooking "with a deep respect for the classic technique”. Pair that with an artfully crafted drinks menu from American cocktail royalty Bittercube and you have the recipe for something pretty darned special (as you’ll soon find out when they join us in Marylebone this autumn). In partnership with Bombay Sapphire.

Ondine 27th September - 1st October 2016


27th September - 1st October 2016

Ondine is a 'proper' seafood restaurant. Only the finest seafood and shellfish from the East Coast of Scotland make it onto the menu at this Edinburgh Old Town favourite. Roy Brett does his fishermen friends proud with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of deliciousness, extracting every last bit of flavour from the day’s catch with the help of carefully chosen ingredients from Ondine’s ecumenical kitchen cabinet. Carousel’s first guest from north of the border, Roy will be catching the Flying Scotsman down in late September for a week of ichthyic delights.
***Please note, we're unable to provide vegetarian or non-fish alternatives for Roy's menu as Ondine really is all about the seafood***

Bethany Kehdy 4th - 8th October 2016

Bethany Kehdy

4th - 8th October 2016

Hailed by none other than Yotam Ottolenghi as ‘the new champion of Middle Eastern food', Lebanese-American Bethany Kehdy will be reimagining the flavours of her childhood with a family-style feast of Levantine favourites from her award-winning cookbook The Jewelled Kitchen. Inspired by the recipes of her grandmother and aunties, Bethany gives traditional dishes like ‘Autumn’s Charred Fattoush with Marrow Croutons, Pomegranate and Grapefruit Tahini’ and ‘Zhoorat-Flamed Quail with Preserved Za’atar, Lemon Pesto Maftoul and Artichoke Hearts’ a fresh, modern twist. Not to be missed.

Jū-Ni 11th - 15th October 2016


11th - 15th October 2016

Opened in February this year, Jū-Ni has already established itself as one of San Francisco’s very best Japanese restaurants. Head chef Geoffrey Lee has taken the city by storm with his modern take on traditional sushi. He describes his approach as ‘cognitive’ - each morsel is a composed bite, a perfect balance of size, texture and temperature; saltiness, acidity and fat content. Expect the full eleven-course omakase experience when he joins us in Marylebone.


Sophat Hing 15th - 26th November 2016

Sophat Hing

15th - 26th November 2016

Sophat Hing has dedicated near enough a lifetime to putting traditional Khmer cuisine on the map. These days you’ll find him on the island of Song Saa in Cambodia’s remote Koh Rong archipelago, a resort of breath-taking beauty that exists in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Working with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local communities, Sophat specialises in innovative twists on Khmer favourites such as “Plea Trey” - a fresh Barramundi salad of green chilli, banana palm, toasted peanuts, mint and basil - and the more unusual “Cha K’dam M’rec Kchey Kampot”, a dish of wok-fried mud crab with Kampot Province green peppercorns. Unmissable.


Niklas Ekstedt 6th - 10th September 2016

Niklas Ekstedt

6th - 10th September 2016

No gas, no electricity, no gadgets. At Ekstedt, they cook everything on fire, using Scandinavian wood to give the food a truly unique character. As Swedish super chef Niklas says, “you can create minor miracles with fire, smoke, ashes and soot”. Yes indeed. Resurrecting long-lost cooking techniques, Ekstedt’s eponymous Stockholm restaurant - which has held a Michelin star since 2013 - produces elegant and astonishingly creative dishes each and every day, with burning wood their only source of heat. Molecular gastronomy this ain’t… Niklas Ekstedt has become a local legend in his native Sweden and we’re thrilled to be welcoming him into our kitchen where we’ll be firing up the grill for a week of seasonal offerings inspired by ancient Scandinavian traditions.

Mandu 24th August – 3rd September 2016


24th August – 3rd September 2016

Later this summer we celebrate a Carousel first: a mother and son duo joining us in the Carousel kitchen. Meet 70 year-old Yesoon (or ‘Mama’ as she’s known to just about everybody) and Danny Lee, chef proprietors of Mandu in Washington DC, far and away the coolest Korean restaurant in town. So cool, in fact, there are two of them. Fuelled by the ‘homestyle’ recipes of Yesoon’s youth and Danny’s more modern approach to traditional Korean cuisine, Mandu has become a DC institution, pushing the boundaries of Korean cooking and even hosting their own monthly series of chef collaborations (who’d a thunk it?). Join the Lee family in Marylebone this August where they will be showing us all how it’s done stateside.

Alex Nietosvouri 9th - 20th August 2016

Alex Nietosvouri

9th - 20th August 2016

Originally from Landskrona in Southern Sweden, superstar in the making Alex Nietosvuori cut his teeth at Michelin-starred Daniel Berlin Krog in Skåne Tranås before heading to Copenhagen in 2013 to join up with former NOMA sous-chefs Sam Nutter and Victor Wågman, first at Restaurant BROR and later at sister restaurant ANTE, just around the corner. Here he was given license to up the ante, injecting a playful sense of adventure into BROR’s defining philosophy of simple, good food made with the very best Nordic produce. As you’ll soon find out when he joins us at Carousel for a fortnight, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

YOLO 26th July - 6th August 2016


26th July - 6th August 2016

YOLO. A philosophy on life, a hashtag and - since 2014 - an awesome little restaurant in the Stockholm suburb of Djursholm that’s bursting with joie de vivre. Jonas Lagerström and his ambitious, fun-loving team challenge themselves to find new and surprising ways of serving up familiar Swedish ingredients, rooting their dishes in the local and sustainable while equally embracing flavours from far further afield in the pursuit of new trends and taste combinations… which is how you get to ‘Swedish Pork ‘Tacos’ glazed with Coriander and Salsa’. The Yolo way encourages us to indulge ourselves “a little bit more and a little bit more often” and their fortnight at Carousel is no exception. What are you waiting for folks? You Only Live Once…

iKOYi 12th - 23rd July 2016


12th - 23rd July 2016

You won’t have heard of iKOYi yet, but that’s all about to change. Chef and adventurer Jeremy Chan is closing in on his first solo opening and boy are we excited... iKOYi will be a London restaurant focussed on West African inspired dishes. Jeremy’s agnostic, inquisitive approach has been shaped by stints at Hibiscus, Noma and Dinner and he’s now relishing the prospect of tapping into the rich culinary heritage of Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and beyond, applying modern techniques to traditional ingredients like dried crayfish and fermented locust beans to create delightful intensity and elegant contrasts of flavour and texture. Jeremy has a knack for finding ways to optimise each ingredient’s “inherent delicious properties”, which makes for pretty special dining experience. Trust us.

Sushi Sho 28th June - 9th July 2016

Sushi Sho

28th June - 9th July 2016

Meet Carl Ishizaki of Sushi Sho. Half-Swedish, half-Japanese, Carl has earned a cult following in Stockholm for his daily-changing omakase tasting menus of beautifully crafted Japanese cooking, prepared with the freshest local ingredients and an itamae's touch, right in front of your eyes. Carl's twelve-seater, hole-in-the-wall restaurant was awarded its first Michelin earlier this year and now he's bringing the gang to London for two weeks of outstanding sushi, paired sake and high fives all round.

Tommy Forster 21st - 25th June 2016

Tommy Forster

21st - 25th June 2016

Remember Tommy from his first Carousel residency? Those chestnut agnolotti of his, glistening with unctuous nutted butter and topped with crispy sage leaves, were a stop-all-the-clocks dish for the ages. And now he’s back, taking a break from his day job at Yard, the bang-on-trend Paris bistro, to join us for another week of unqualified deliciousness. Tommy’s CV reads like a Who’s Who of our favourite restaurants in London (Moro, St John, Bocca di Lupo, Koya), New York (Roberta’s, Ai Fiori) and Paris (Clamato), and his wealth of experience is reflected in his polyglot influences - think cured mackerel with pickled cucumber and wasabi - and razor sharp technique. Refined, seasonal cooking at its surprising, delightful best. Where do you sign? Right here, guys…

Koka 7th - 18th June 2016


7th - 18th June 2016

Koka in Gothenburg is the modern reincarnation of Björn Persson’s highly regarded Michelin-starred restaurant, Kock & Vin. After fourteen years, Persson decided to give his operation a contemporary overhaul - not just the building and its interior but its menu too. Cue simpler, more accessible ‘West Swedish gastronomy’, exemplified by courageously conceived, beautifully executed dishes like Skagerrak squid with chlorophyll-green leek oil and apple cider curd. The results are elegant and well balanced and, so it seems, equally popular with the critics; Koka was voted Sweden’s best restaurant in 2014 and earned a Michelin star in its own right earlier this year.

Dinner by Carousel 31st May - 4th June 2016

Dinner by Carousel

31st May - 4th June 2016

Cometh the hour, cometh the Carousel home team... Our friends from Copenhagen will make it over soon enough, don't you worry, but in Taller's absence this week, we're taking up the reins with a rather excellent tasting menu of of our own - seven knockout seasonal dishes in all, including Asparagus Tart with Kelp Oil, Parmesan and Sweet Cicely; Lobster Soup with Kaffir Lime and Lemon Grass; and the timeless joys of Grilled Saddle of Lamb with Smoked Aubergines, Peas and Broad Beans. See you in a wee while.

Tomas Scarpetti & Gwladys Gublin 24th - 28th May 2016

Tomas Scarpetti & Gwladys Gublin

24th - 28th May 2016

Itinerant chef-sommelier double act Tomas Scarpetti and Gwladys Gublin roll into Marylebone on a mission to achieve the perfect balance between food, drink and ‘the art of the table’. Argentine Tomas spent six years as right hand man to legendary pyromaniac Francis Mallmann, adopting his mentor’s fire-inspired style of cooking as his own; bartender Gwladys, meanwhile, ran the original Experimental Cocktail Club in Paris and is a lover of sherry, natural wines and well-mixed drinks. Like us, the pair play in a happy space between casual family meals and more refined gastronomy. Their Carousel menu features dishes of ‘sincere simplicity’ like Grilled Slow Hung Ribeye with Hazelnut Dressing, accompanied by paired cocktails and the crackle of burning wood. Gather round and get stuck in.

Grant Harrington 20th & 21st May 2016

Grant Harrington

20th & 21st May 2016

Grant Harrington is a butter fanatic. He fell in love with the stuff while working as a chef at Fäviken in the wilds of northern Sweden. Somehow the butter there was just, well, more ‘buttery’ so he decided to find out why, hanging up his whites and immersing himself in traditional techniques of dairy fermentation. The result is &. cultured butter, handcrafted on a small farm in Oxfordshire and now supplying some of the UK’s top kitchens, including Sat Bains and Restaurant Story. Grant joins us later this month for two nights of bucolic fare, “inspired by staple ingredients enjoyed by a dairy farmer and his trip away from middle England”. Dishes include ‘scallops warmed in this morning’s milk and barley’ and ‘smoked cow heart with sauerkraut and a burnt leek sauce’. All made with the help of Jersey cows like this beauty.

Leonardo Pereira 5th - 19th May

Leonardo Pereira

5th - 19th May

Leonardo Pereira’s connection to his homeland runs deep. Growing up on the family farm in Portugal he developed an affinity with the land that has informed his approach to food ever since, even if his travels as a chef have taken him far further afield than Santa Maria da Feira (most notably Copenhagen, where he spent five extraordinary years under the tutelage and guidance of René Redzepi). Noma shaped him in the kitchen but the pull of home eventually proved too strong and right now he’s preparing for a first opening of his own in Lisbon, a project that promises “to reflect the nature of the Portuguese people, its terroir and its sea”. His Carousel menu is a flavour of things to come and yes, that does mean butter tartlets. Get booking.

Ollie Templeton 26th April - 4th May

Ollie Templeton

26th April - 4th May

The sun’s heating up and the garden’s nearly open, which means it’s time for Ollie Templeton to get his grill on in the Carousel kitchen once again. Spring is Ollie’s favourite time of year, thanks to the return of wild garlic (also known as bear’s garlic or ramsons); he chews the stuff like spearmint gum. This is bad news for his girlfriend but good news for us, as it means another instalment of crowd-pleasing dishes that are packed full of flavour and brimming with bright ideas.

Ned Ludd 12th-23rd April 2016

Ned Ludd

12th-23rd April 2016

Pilgrim Fathers of the Pacific Northwest’s celebrated ‘farm-to-table’ movement, American Craft Kitchen Ned Ludd (Portland, Oregon) have built their considerable reputation on a commitment to bold flavours, balanced textures and genuine, honest, delicious food. Next month they’re sending over their main man Karl Holl - who also happens to be co-founder of “Seeders, Feeders and Eaters” collective, Let Um Eat - as a culinary ambassador for Portland’s dynamic and provenance-focussed food community. It’s time to get very, very excited about super creative dishes like Karl’s edible garden, featuring Roasted and Raw Vegetables, Salt Baked Beet Agrodolce and Sprouted Soil and his Pepper Dulse Cavatelli, Cuttlefish Sofritto, Fried Bread, Wild Fennel. Inspired cooking from incredible people. Enjoy…

Gísli Matthías Auðunsson 29th March - 9th April 2016

Gísli Matthías Auðunsson

29th March - 9th April 2016

Gísli Matthías Auðunsson might stick things like ‘lightly seared minke whale’ on his menus but the Icelander’s aim isn’t to shock, rather “to produce incredibly good, fresh food based on local culinary traditions.” His two restaurants (Matur og Drykkur and Slippurinn) achieve this in spades with creativity and humour, modernising traditional Icelandic dishes with a delightful twist. Take his legendary cod’s head brined in chicken stock, for example; one of the coolest dishes served anywhere in Reykjavik. Gísli has previously sprung up in the US with the likes of Magnus Nilsson and Sasu Laukkonen to showcase the best of Nordic cooking to the uninitiated. Now it’s our turn. Make some room in the diary (eg 29th March. Dinner with the girls. Cod’s head).

Freddy Money 15th - 24th March 2016

Freddy Money

15th - 24th March 2016

He’s got the skills. He’s got the CV. Hell, he’s even got the looks. But that’s not even the half of it. Not even close… Back in September, Freddy Money raised the bar with a mind-blowing menu of remixed classics, applying a magician’s touch to every one of his carefully chosen ingredients. The results were nothing short of spectacular, but what else would you expect from a guy who’s trained under the likes of Alain Ducasse, Paco Roncero and Ferran Adrià? Plans for an opening of his own continue apace, but in the meantime, he’s back for another star turn in the Carousel kitchen. Missed him the first time? More fool you. Miss him again? No. Just… No.

Rimpei Yoshikawa 1st - 12th March 2016

Rimpei Yoshikawa

1st - 12th March 2016

No neon lights, no peace signs, no robot waiters… Rimpei Yoshikawa’s bohemian neighbourhood bistro, ‘Pignon’, is pretty unusual for Tokyo. Serving soulful, everyday dishes inspired by his travels through France and Morocco, Rimpei’s made quite a name for himself in Japanese foodie circles with delightful dishes like Confit Aromatic Duck with Kinkan and Cumin and his beloved Merguez Sausages with house-made Harissa and Couscous. Rimpei’s Carousel residency is his first London appearance and one that's not to be missed.

Olia Hercules 23rd - 27th February 2016

Olia Hercules

23rd - 27th February

One week just wasn’t enough… After her unforgettable ‘Wild East’ residency last summer, Olia is back with a Caucasian bang, introducing us to the joys of a traditional Georgian supra (literally, ‘table cloth’): “a 24 hour food and wine party with a sh*t load of toasting and polyphonic singing - so amazing I actually considered moving to Tbilisi”. Olia’s Carousel menu - “mainly Georgian with pan-Caucasian and European twists” - will be paired with natural Georgian wines and wild beers. The perfect accompaniment to knockout, seasonal dishes like dyushbara, kharcho and tkhemali (see menu link for details…). *** Please note, Georgian cooking is very, very nut-heavy - apologies for any inconvenience ***

Bar Brutal 16th - 20th February 2016

Bar Brutal

16th - 20th February 2016

Brutal [ bru 'tal ] adj mf Awesome adj
In Spanish, ‘brutal’ is a good thing. A very good thing. So good, in fact, there’s even a wine bar in Barcelona called ‘Bar Brutal’. Specialising in vins libres (300 varieties and counting), the upbeat bodega has become one of the city’s hottest joints, famed for its rowdy, energetic atmosphere and its tapas-style menu of small sharing dishes, overseen by Californian Kaya Jacobs - formerly of Albert Adriá’s ‘Tickets’ and ’41 Degrees’ - and designed to complement the bar’s avant-garde wine list. Brutal indeed. In their own words… ‘Come and play’.

Oaxen Krog & Slip 2nd - 13th February 2016

Oaxen Krog & Slip

2nd - 13th February 2016

Oaxen Krog & Slip is a Stockholm institution. Comprised of the two-Michelin-star gastronomic dining room (Krog) and the less formal Nordic bistro (Slip), Oaxen ranks among Europe’s very best restaurants, specialising in sustainable, locally-sourced Scandinavian ingredients and hand-picked wild herbs and plants. It’s well worth the trip, as Londoners will find out in February when chefs Johan Tengsved, Mikael Wretman and Emil Grönlund make the journey to Marylebone to recreate the Slip’s tasty, uncomplicated dishes with the best local, seasonal ingredients we can get hold of here in the UK. The Slip’s exceptional Swedish bistro fare is made for sharing, making it the perfect match for Carousel’s relaxed, communal vibe. Find out how they get on.

Akané Monavan 19th - 30th January 2016

Akané Monavan

19th - 30th January 2016

Akané Monavon is a nomadic chef with a truly international perspective. She’s spent the last eight years working in cutting edge kitchens around the world - Tokyo, London, New York and, most recently, Reykjavik, where she furthered her understanding of new Nordic cuisine - developing an understated style that's the perfect balance between the hearty cooking of rural France (dad) and the more delicate flavours of Japan (mum).

Romy Gill’s ‘Spice Trail’ 5th - 16th January 2016

Romy Gill’s ‘Spice Trail’

5th - 16th January 2016

Romy Gill likes to do things differently. Equally passionate about local Gloucestershire ingredients and the spices and flavours she grew up with in West Bengal, Romy has developed a vibrant, experimentative style of her own at award-winning restaurant, Romy’s Kitchen, that’s unlike anything you will have ever tried before. Dishes like Laal Maas Wild Boar with Yoghurt, Red Kashmiri Chilli and Coriander and her signature Tamarind and Apple Chutney are the perfect expression of Romy’s unique North-East-India-meets-the-West Country identity; they also earned her runner-up spot in the 2015 Observer Food Monthly Best Restaurant Awards. Romy will be making the journey up from Thornbury in early January to kick off Carousel’s 2016 line-up in aromatic, inventive style. Don’t miss out…

Santiago Lastra 15th - 19th December 2015

Santiago Lastra

15th - 19th December 2015

Voted one of the 10 Best Young Chefs in Scandinavia, Santiago Lastra is killing it…
After earning his stripes at Mugaritz, the talented Mexican left the Basque Country to join the team at Bror in Copenhagen. Add to that stopovers at the Nordic Food Lab and the Wood*ing Foraging Academy and you have a remarkably well-traveled chef with a seriously original approach to cooking.
Santiago specialises in using local ingredients to realise ambitious dishes that are rooted in his own Mexican heritage - in our case, this includes Tiraditos of Scottish Scallops, Chervil and Horseradish with Buckwheat Tostadas; Enchiladas of Grilled Leaves, Confit Duck and Roasted Cabbage; and a Mole of Butter and Wild Kent Herbs with Cod and Jerusalem Artichoke.
No turkey though…

Ollie Templeton 24th November - 12th December 2015

Ollie Templeton

24th November - 12th December 2015

Ollie just gets better and better.
Let loose on lunch and reaping the benefits of working hand in glove with some of the world’s most exciting chefs over the last eighteen-odd months, Ollie’s been busy playing around with increasingly ambitious techniques and hitherto untested combos to develop a coming-of-age menu that promises to set Carousel alight:
Highlights include Grilled Jerusalem Artichokes, Lemon Purée and Sorrel; Grilled Gem Lettuce, Anchovy, Confit Garlic and Flaked Almonds; and Wood-Grilled Wild Mallard, Turnip Tops and Quince.
Sh*t just got real…

Percherons 10th - 20th November 2015


10th - 20th November 2015

Céret (population 7,583) is an unlikely location for an award-winning restaurant, but Percherons is full of surprises. Opened last summer by childhood friends Mathieu Perez (Aux Deux Amis, Paris) and Yannick Ferez, Percherons is a much talked about bistro with a decidedly local, seasonal flavour. By Mathieu’s own admission, “the locals are yet to be convinced”, but that hasn’t stopped a tide of gastronomic adventurers pouring in from all four corners of France to try the duo’s exquisite home cooking. And now, from 10th-20th November, you can join Mathieu in Marylebone for a delightfully Gallic menu featuring dishes like ‘Turnip, Seaweed and Jus de Gambas’, ‘Octopus, Heritage Beetroot and Jerusalem Artichoke’ and ‘Crispy Pig, Shaved Celeriac and Clementine’. À tout à l'heure…

Jordan Bourke 3rd - 7th November 2015

Jordan Bourke

3rd - 7th November 2015

Chef, food writer and K-Food obsessive Jordan Bourke lifted the lid on the breathtaking diversity of Korean cuisine, right here in Marylebone.
With the help of his wife, Rejina Pyo, Jordan spent the last few years perfecting the art of authentic Korean home cooking. The result? ‘Our Korean Kitchen’, a comprehensive bible of gorgeous recipes from up and down the peninsula. Oh, and a week at Carousel.
For his residency, Jordan picked a series of beautifully balanced sharing dishes, from ‘Marinated Beef and Lettuce Wraps with Pickled Onion, Charred Garlic, Samjang Sauce and Sticky Rice’ (불고기 쌈) to ‘Cinnamon and Pecan Stuffed Pancakes with Ice Cream’ (호떡). Feast your eyes and feed the Seoul.

Javier Rodríguez 6th - 17th October

Javier Rodríguez

6th - 17th October

Back in August 2014, Javier Rodríguez flew in from Argentina like an aproned crusader to help us open Carousel.
Along with a trunkful of handcrafted ceramics, Javier brought with him a wealth of experience gained in some of the world’s most respected kitchens - among them Noma, Viajante, Tetsuya’s and Restaurant Andre - and a bucket load of patience…
We couldn’t have hoped for a nicer guy, a tastier menu or a more perfect start. He’s now got a shiny new place of his own in Córdoba, Argentina - El Papagayo - where he’s earning critical acclaim for his refined take on Northern Argentine cooking… and yet… when we asked him if he fancied another spin on the Carousel a year later, he booked his flights there and then. What. A. Dude.

Freddy Money 29th September - 3th October

Freddy Money

29th September - 3th October

He may not look a day older than seventeen but Freddy Money is a chef with extraordinary experience for one so fresh faced. Before his residency at Carousel, Freddy had been sous cheffing under close friend and mentor Jocelyn Herland, Alain Ducasse’s head honcho at The Dorchester, but he’d worked with some pretty impressive names beyond these rain-battered shores - Paco Roncero and Ferran Adrià included. The result? Razor sharp precision and an artistic, eclectic style of cooking that’s the sum of his myriad inspirations. And then some... Fascinated by flavour combinations, colour, creativity and theatricality,

Tom Ryalls 8th - 26th September

Tom Ryalls

8th - 26th September

IIf you missed Tom Ryalls’ ‘Hunger Gap’ residency in February, you’re in for a treat, as Carousel’s secret weapon is back for another three weeks of glorious seasonal fare. This time it’s the ‘Horn of Plenty’, a generous, plentiful, late summer menu rooted in the abundance of home grown ingredients available at this time of year. Tom describes his mouthwatering dishes as “quite stripped back and old school - no fancy lotions or potions” yet their simplicity belies Tom’s mastery of modern techniques. As he says himself, “sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to pull off successfully”, but with years of experience under his belt at the likes of Moro and St John Bread & Wine, his carefully chosen ingredients are in safe hands.
Get booking…

John Gregory-Smith 1st - 5th September

John Gregory-Smith

1st - 5th September

Chef, food writer and adventurer, John Gregory-Smith has spent the last ten years immersing himself in Turkey’s extraordinary culinary culture, unearthing authentic regional recipes for the folks back home. That means us. Course by course, John’s meyhane-style Carousel menu effortlessly showcases the breath-taking scope of Turkish cooking, from lighter meze dishes like ‘Haydari’ and ‘Muhammara’ to ‘Charcoal Grilled Sardines’ and the fiery, melt-in-your-mouth ‘Ali Nasik Kebab’. Say hello to intricately spiced, marinated Lamb Tenderloin, seared on the grill and served with Labna, Smoked Aubergine Paste and unctuous Chilli Butter. Forget Stoke Newington, this September it’s all about Marylebone for real-deal Turkish Delights. Prepare to be inspired…

Céline Pham 18th - 22nd August

Céline Pham

18th - 22nd August

Fresh from a sell-out residency at Parisian hot spot, La Table Ronde, Céline Pham hops on the Eurostar this August for a spin on the Carousel. The 27 year old is one half of French-Vietnamese sibling duo, ‘Phamily’, and she’s been making a big splash outre-Manche with her fresh, contemporary take on Vietnamese cuisine. Inspired to cook by her grandmother, Céline studied at the legendary Parisian École Ferrandi before plying her trade in a selection of the capital’s hottest establishments (Saturne, Chez Aline, Septime…). Céline’s Carousel menu will feature the best of what’s available from the market each morning - eg Caramelised Octopus with Nước Mắm and Carrot Reduction or ‘Brothless’ Confit Beef Cheek Phở. Come join the Phamily and experience French-Vietnamese food at its most creative… and its most delicious.

Olia Hercules 28th July - 1st August

Olia Hercules

28th July - 1st August

One of The Observer’s ‘Rising Stars of 2015’, Olia Hercules arrives in Marylebone later this month with a cornucopia of exciting recipes from her debut cookbook, ‘Mamushka’ - a celebration of the rich culinary heritage of the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Korea and beyond. Billed as ‘The Wild East’, Olia’s residency promises to recreate her childhood summers in Kakhovka, characterised by bountiful sharing dishes, home-baked hop blossom sourdough and lively conversation. Olia invites you to discover “the modern, fun and crazy” side of Eastern European food - come join the party…

Ravinder Bhogal 14th - 25th July

Ravinder Bhogal

14th - 25th July

Born in Kenya to Indian parents, Ravinder Bhogal has been described as ‘one of the freshest, most talented names in the food world now’ (Xanthe Clay). It’s no surprise then that after wildly popular residencies at the likes of Trishna and Café Anglais, she’s now gearing up for a hugely anticipated opening of her own… …but not before two weeks at Carousel where she'll be presenting an array of delicious dishes. Think crab and coconut paan, green chutney and mamra; Keralan goat stew, lemon idli and crispy bhindi; or saffron and mango kulfi sandwiches… This is one you really don’t want to miss.

Omar Romero 16th - 27th June

Omar Romero

16th - 27th June

If you thought Bjorn van der Horst was crazy, wait ‘til you try Omar Romero’s ‘Niponexican’ Carousel menu – a no-holds-barred lucha libre of flavour celebrating the edgier street food traditions of Asia (in the blue corner…) and his native Mexico (in the red… ). Think carnitas, tamales and insects fused with sashimi, hirata buns and matcha… He may be the first Mexican-born chef to ever hold a Michelin star in Europe (Rhodes 24), but don’t be fooled by Omar’s classical background; this is a guy with a wild imagination, a wacky palate a wonderful sense of humour. Omar is leading the revolution against dull culinary stereotypes - don’t miss your chance to join him.

Leandro Carreira 2nd - 13th June

Leandro Carreira

2nd - 13th June

Leo Carreira’s love affair with food has taken him on a journey around the world via the Michelin-starred kitchens of Viajante and Mugaritz - amongst others…

His time in the Basque Country opened his eyes to an approach to cooking led by creativity and a strong focus on produce and you can see this influence in his Carousel menu with its unusual ingredients and intriguing flavour combinations.

This is a guy at the top of his game - just ask Nuno Mendes, one of his biggest fans - and his residency is a must for any self-respecting foodies who share his appetite for experimentation and adventure. That means you…

Ollie Templeton 5th - 30th May

Ollie Templeton

5th - 30th May

Head chef Ollie wowed us with his first solo residency cooking us his favourite food for four straight weeks with a menu that took inspiration from his Andalusian upbringing and his formative years at Moro under the tutelage of Sam and Sam Clark. Giving a modern twist to traditional Spanish flavours, Ollie served up four courses of fresh, zingy springtime cooking that got the very best out of the surfeit of amazing ingredients available in May - Ollie’s favourite time of year.

Rosie Birkett 28th April - 2nd May

Rosie Birkett

28th April - 2nd May

Meet food writer, food stylist, cook and general food obsessive, Rosie Birkett. Following the hotly anticipated release of A Lot On Her Plate (Hardie Grant), Rosie joined us at Carousel cooking a knockout selection of her favourite seasonal recipes from the book. One of The Observer’s ‘Rising Stars’ of 2015, Rosie is a self-confessed ‘feeder’ - just one taste of her “really crackly” crackling and we knew exactly what she meant...We sat back and indulged in passionate cooking at its mouth-watering best.

Bjorn Van Der Horst 14th – 25th April

Bjorn Van Der Horst

14th – 25th April

Bjorn's was a menu of playful, family-style sharing dishes that are bursting with big ideas and even bigger flavours. Poached eggs infused intravenously with chicken jus on new season’s asparagus, braised veal shanks served bone side up with a little teaspoon for digging out the marrow… This is food that’s designed to put a smile on your face, which is exactly what Swiss-born Bjorn has been doing for the last twenty years at the likes of Picholine, The Greenhouse and La Noisette, where he picked up a string of Michelin stars. In his own words, "Let's drink and eat and be merry".

Lokal 31st March - 11th April 2015


31st March - 11th April 2015

The food scene in Berlin has never been better and neighbourhood restaurant Lokal is at the forefront of the city’s Portland-style locavore movement, creating daily menus of exquisite and inventive dishes from (you guessed it) carefully sourced, super-fresh local produce. The Lokal team joined us at Carousel for two weeks in early spring and gave London the chance to experience the very best of Berlin’s new wave cuisine.

Lee Skeet 17th - 28th March 2015

Lee Skeet

17th - 28th March 2015

Like his chef whites, Lee Skeet’s CV is nothing short of immaculate. Hedone, Restaurant Tom Aikens, Restaurant Marcus Wareing, Gordon Ramsay at Claridges, The Ledbury… This 28 year-old Devonshire lad certainly knows his way around a kitchen.

He describes his style as ‘fairly simple’ but don’t believe him for a second. As we were lucky enough to discover, his innovative flavour pairings - inspired by his passion for seafood - told a very different story.

Murray Wilson 10th - 14th March 2015

Murray Wilson

10th - 14th March 2015

Jay Rayner describes Norse in Harrogate as “a bunch of young blokes… with carefully trimmed beards and intense gazes – cooking their hearts out”. We found out what he was on about when Murray Wilson flew the Yorkshire flag at Carousel with a Nordic-inspired menu that was cured, pickled, fermented and dehydrated to pure perfection.

Daniela di Grazia 24th February - 7th March 2015

24th February - 7th March 2015

24th February - 7th March

Sandwiched like a topographical insalata tricolore between a picture postcard lake, a mythical mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, La Cruz has earned a reputation as one of Italy's most spectacular restaurants. The cooking didn't disappoint either.

Cooking in Motion 17th - 21st February 2015

Cooking in Motion

17th - 21st February 2015

Flying in from Barcelona, chef Sebastian Mazzola and sommelière Sussie Villarico landed in Marylebone on a mission to explore the world, one country at a time, armed only with sharp knives, big smiles and a passion for sharing the thing they love the most: Nikkei - or Peruvian-Japanese fusion cooking to you and me.

Tom Ryalls 27th January - 14th February 2015

Tom Ryalls

27th January - 14th February 2015

With a nose-to-tail education at St John Bread & Wine and an enviable little black book of local suppliers, Tom pickled, smoked, salted and confited his way through his ‘Hunger Gap’ residency. Just like the good old days, when meat was meat fish was fish and fridges were holes in the ground.

GRO 13th - 14th January 2015


13th - 14th January 2015

If you like vegetables and imaginative Scandinavian cooking, you would love GRO. It’s all about ‘closeness’ and ‘availability’ for chefs Henrik Norén and Magnus Villnow, and last January, the ex-F12 pair brought their simple, honest food with a focus on local, seasonal vegetables right here to Marylebone. Smaklig måltid.

Uyen Luu 6th - 10th January 2015

Uyen Luu

6th - 10th January 2015

Uyen’s innovative twist on traditional Vietnamese cuisine has won her an army of hungry admirers and who can blame them with food this good? Find her at her Hackney supper club or feast your eyes on her five-course menu below – just reading it will put a smile on your face. A Carousel classic? Phở shở…

Selin Kiazim 5th - 22nd November 2014

Selin Kiazim

5th – 22nd November 2014

‘Some of the greatest cooking’ Grace Dent tried all year, Selin’s Turkish-Cypriot inspired menu drove London’s food lovers into a frenzy. She’s a chef who’s going places - her own place, to be precise. Keep an eye on the restaurant pages as she edges ever closer to realising her charcoal-grilled dreams in 2015.

Paris Pop-Up 22nd October - 1st November 2014

Paris Pop-Up

22nd October - 1st November 2014

Chef-Sommelier duo, Harry Cummins and Laura Vidal, met at popular Paris bistro Frenchie. They’ve since embarked on a gastronomic world tour, wowing diners in Québec, Japan, California, New York, Morocco and - of course - Marylebone with their inventive haute cuisine and imaginative wine pairings. Vachement chouette.

Tommy Forster 10th - 18th October 2014

Tommy Forster

10th - 18th October 2014

Baby-faced, inked like a pirate and bursting with creativity, Tommy is a helium balloon, catch-him-if-you-can, kind of a chef. Let go of the string for five minutes and he's off again… Lucky for us, we managed to snare him for two unforgettable weeks before he floated off to open The Yard in Paris.

Javier Rodríguez 20th - 31st August 2014

Javier Rodríguez

20th - 31st August 2014

Our first ever resident and new mejor amigo, Javier (El Papagayo, Córdoba) made the trip over from Argentina with a trunkful of ceramics - hand-crafted especially - and an impeccable CV that boasts the likes of Noma and Viajante. His modern take on Northern Argentine cooking proved so popular, even our cows have signed the petition to bring him back.