‘STAR of BOMBAY invites you to enjoy
an exquisite evening of Slow Artistry’


STAR of BOMBAY invites you to enjoy an exquisite night of Slow Artistry in partnership with Carousel.

Slow Artistry is a concept intrinsic to the development and distillation of STAR of BOMBAY . This innovative gin is slow distilled, which extracts deeper intensity of flavours and aromatics from the botanicals, producing a smooth and intensely flavoured gin. Slow distillation is a progressive method very much led by sensory analysis, with every single batch crafted slowly and with great skill, care and passion, which is exactly what you can expect to discover on the evening itself.

From the drinks creations, to the slow cooked food, each element of the evening has been designed to demonstrate the positive impact of slow preparation in order to heighten the senses and encourage diners to savour the delights of the experience.

Your ticket includes an exclusive three-course menu created by Carousel’s head chef Ollie Templeton and a selection of bespoke Star of Bombay cocktails, along with a masterclass tasting led by brand ambassador Renaud de Bosredon.

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