Wild Life Drawing with Jennie Webber

It’s life drawing but not as you know it.

Wild Life Drawing was founded by Jennie Webber, a London-based artist and animal lover, with the aim of inspiring appreciation and understanding for the natural world through creativity.

Instead of human life models, animals come to ‘sit’ for us. Jennie will instruct you on the ins and outs of drawing animals from life and, as you get stuck in, you will learn all about the animals themselves, their habitat and their distinct characteristics.

The animal’s welfare is of the highest priority and their handlers always come along too, making sure they’re comfortable and happy throughout the class. Additionally, a proportion of each ticket sold will go directly towards benefitting animals – whether that be a donation to the associated charity or to ensure our handlers are able to rehabilitate and rehome additional rescue animals.

All levels welcome, from experienced drawers to complete beginners. Tips, tricks and creative guidance will be offered throughout the class and all drawing materials are supplied.

Sociable Animals

Monday 12th November

Following on from our British based furry friends of the previous session we have a number of animals from all corners of the world. These four are all sociable animals – this means they stick to each other like glue and have each others’ backs when a predator’s on the warpath.

First up is a duo of prairie dogs from South America, members of a tight clan that are known for kissing and grooming each other. Note- they actually look nothing like a dog. We’ll be meeting a few members of a meerkat mob, all brothers and sisters that take it in turns to watch for danger (so be nice).

Also coming down will be a trio of Degus, small social rodents that need lots of attention and nibble on each other to show affection. And lastly, we’ll meet three rescued sugar gliders – small marsupials hailing from the Australian rainforest. These guys can literally glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel.

The majority of these animals have been rescued and rehomed, now with the expert care and diet that mirrors their natural behaviour and habitat.

These animals will be attending with two highly experienced animal handlers that not only care for these animals but also re-home other unwanted exotic pets or rescue animals, so they are in safe hands.

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