9th October 2017

Starts at 7.30pm

In these monthly salons, love gurus Vicki Pavitt and Selina Barker invite smart, creative women to come together to talk about love, relationships and matters of the heart.

Each month they'll introduce a juicy topic and get the conversation going, with special guests offering their insights and expertise. The sessions will provide a platform to be heard, to connect, to share wisdom and to learn.

9th October | ‘Deconstructing the female orgasm’ with Project Love

Who said Monday evenings had to be an anti-climax? Love gurus Vicki and Selina are joined this month by body image and intimacy coach and certified sexological bodyworker (it's a new one for us too), Victoria Helen Roberts, who will be tackling the subject of - *sharp intake of breath* - sex. Join these enlightening women for an open and honest discussion about orgasms and the female anatomy as they dispel common misconceptions surrounding female pleasure and help you to get to know your body better (clothes on, don't worry). This one's for women only, sorry guys.

Selina is a Life Design and Career Change Coach and an expert in helping people identify their biggest blockers and helping them to get unstuck.

Vicki is an EFT practitioner and has been using it for the past two years with her coaching clients with powerful results, helping them to clear their blocks to love and step into a happier, more confident version of themselves.


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