Pickling Like A Boss
Seasonal Cookery with Carousel

12th Sept & 10th Oct 2020

The latest in our series of seasonal cookery workshops sees our chefs looking ahead to the colder winter months when the taste of wild English strawberries and home grown tomatoes has long since faded from our lips. Join them in the kitchen for this morning masterclass as they show you how to pickle, preserve and ferment your way through the last of the summer’s produce and keep your larder stocked up with vibrant, intense and easy-to-achieve flavours in time for root veg season (which, let’s face it, can get a little dull after your seventeenth roasted parsnip).

You’ll learn a range of preservation techniques, from the surprisingly simple to the suitably ambitious, starting with herb vinegar, made from leftover parsley stalks, and moving on to tart damson jam, lip-smacking cordials, banging chutneys and sour-as-fuck piccalilli using leftover seasonal ingredients like blackberries, Alexanders, late summer tomatoes and early autumn asparagus. The guys will also talk you through what to do with your new store cupboard staples, showing you how to turn even the simplest snack into an out-and-out winner worthy of your best friend’s Instagram feed. Don't believe us? The workshop ends with a here’s-one-we-made-earlier lunch to show you just how good things are (fer)ment to be.

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