“With absolutely flawless cooking, [he] produces food that’s sensationally robust without being the least bit rich. It’s almost oxymoronic, packing a light wallop, with a clearness and purity of effect that I’ve seldom encountered” (NY Times). Nurdin Topham’s unique style of ‘nourishing gastronomy’ earned his ground-breaking Hong Kong project, NUR, widespread critical acclaim and a Michelin star. Before that, he spent the best part of two decades in award-winning kitchens around Europe, including five years as Raymond Blanc’s personal development chef at Le Manoir. Nurdin closed NUR in late 2016, returning home to begin an exciting new chapter rooted in British seasonality and the ambitious fermentation techniques he practiced at the Nordic Food Lab. As you’re about to find out, the results of eighteen months of intensive R&D are as unprecedented as they are delicious. Genuinely unmissable.

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