Sunday 24th June, 11am

We’re very excited to announce the latest in our Experiences line-up, ‘Ladies-who-Launch’ - a non-profit platform, celebrating women in all that they do with the aim of empowering the next generation.

This morning meet-up, which includes a delicious brunch from the Carousel kitchen, is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded ladies, share stories and experiences and find inspiration from successful female leads.

Women of all ages, professions and backgrounds are welcome – the common theme here is a genuine to interest to champion female success. To get you started on the day, you’ll be given a ‘Must-Meet’ card on arrival, identifying one other guest you should connect with, who will have a common interest, mission or goal.

So grab the opportunity, get inspired and feel the girl-power. Bring your friends along with you or make some new ones…


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