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29th November - 10th December 2016

For Toshio Tanahashi, shojin-ryori cooking isn’t just a matter of technique, but a spiritual experience which he hopes will lead towards greater understanding of the way we view our food and our dietary habits. It’s an entirely vegetarian Buddhist cuisine that was first introduced to Kyoto monasteries by the Chinese in the 7th century. Sho means “purify” and jin comes from the word for “advance.” In other words, it means to “move forward whilst respecting the old, and keeping oneself pure.” Only plants are used - no meat or fish; only grains and vegetables - and 56 year-old Toshio is the master of his art, respected the world over by leading chefs such as René Redzepi. In fact, he’s off to Noma after his fortnight at Carousel… This is a truly unique opportunity for us to open our minds to the infinite possibilities of vegetables and to truly engage with the food on our plates. Itadakimasu.


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