Bookbinding Workshop

‘Concertina’ Bookbinding Workshop

Saturday 1st December

Learn how to make your very own hand-made notebook using the traditional Concertina bookbind. Run by the London Centre for Book Arts, a super cool open-access studio dedicated to preserving traditional book arts in the UK. This morning workshop -second in the LCBA’s series- will look into the Concertina method. This method was used for many early Greek texts, it is a folded structure made by simply folding a sheet of paper back and forth in page-width increments. Producing the accordion-fashion book involves folding and manipulating paper using specialist tools to create traditional book structures by hand.

The final product is yours to take home with you and can be used for anything from serious sketches to absent minded doodles. Bookbinding is hungry work, so there’s also the option of lunch in the Carousel restaurant after you’re done.

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